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Sunrise International Recovery Hospital is a state-of-the-art 20 bed addiction rehabilitation hospital located in the heart of Islamabad. We provide our clients with therapeutic services in a comfortable and tranquil environment that reflects sober living. Our standards are equal to that of a 3-4-star facility with; 24 hour on-site security, freshly prepared meals, reading and recreational space and materials, and a fitness area.

Sunrise International recognizes that most clients come in a time of crisis; therefore we have endeavored to create a hospital of high standard that offers holistic treatment. Our aim is to make the experience as comfortable as possible, while at the same time offering clients quality treatment.

Sunrise International Recovery Hospital has bedrooms furnished to a high standard, with modern and clean en-suite bathrooms. All meals are freshly prepared in our well-equipped kitchen and served in our communal dining area.

We offer good quality, tasty and nutritious meals, and also cater to special dietary requirements. We understand that the nature of addiction is very isolating therefore we have created a comfortable and warm recreation area where clients can relax and socialize.

The area is bright and spacious and during free time clients have a range of books and board games with which to relax. Clients also have access to communal audio/video equipment used for music and films at times indicated within the timetable.
We believe in mind/body healing therapies , that linked with Fitness gym, Yoga, Meditation, (Islamic Ways), spiritual music, weekly motivational videos, Surat Rehman healing therapy depends on patient’s interest.
We also provide an environment, where patients offer prayers, recite Quran, read spiritual books, & listen spiritual lectures, by various Islamic scholars,
Any patient who participates in all calendars, Sunrise offer special “Gift Hampers” to the patients.
We believe healing process within family community, We appreciate those patients who looks passionate

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