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Executive Director’s Message

Executive Director’s Message

Thank you so much for taking few moments and learning a bit for our program. At Sunrise Recovery
hospital we are providing life changing services. This is the place where you will get maximum personal
attention, guidance and support at each step of recovery.
Whether you are seeking treatment for yourself or your loved one, I know choosing the treatment facility
is a difficult task. I commend you for making this decision of quitting addiction and getting help. As a
Executive Director of Sunrise Recovery, I assure you the moment you enter in our program, it will be the
last day of your life of dooming gloom caused by addiction.
I am proud to lead the team of talented, compassionate and dedicated staff who are equipped with wealth
of knowledge and professionalism. We are guided by continued improvement in the science of addiction
medicine. We offer spectacular, safe, and serene environment for our patients. Here patients don't
become passive receivers of treatment. We collaborate with them at each step in a dignified manner.
Securing our patient’s dignity, respect and privacy are our integral principles.
Sunrise Recovery is strictly NOT built for business purposes. Here we provide services of international
standards at affordable finances. We believe in our principles and core values. Our intentions of bringing
a meaningful lasting recovery are pure and sacred. If you decide to live a drug free life, then I would
recommend you to become part of Sunrise Recovery' family, a decision you will always cherish and
This website is designed to get you glimpses of our services. It this feels like something you would like to
learn more, please feel free to call me. On behalf of our entire team, we wish you best of luck.
Looking forward to help you in the best possible manner.
Shakeel Ahmed Mirza
Executive Director
Sunrise Recovery International Hospital,

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