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Will Be Inaugurate -26th June : Monday to Sunday - 10:00am to 9:00pm
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Medical Director’s Message

Medical Director’s Message
The intension to establish a Drug and Psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation facility is made solely on
providing excellent patient care and making real differences in people’s life. I have seen many families
broken down and many kids devastated by both drug addiction and psychiatric illness. This is probably
the most common reason behind majority of divorces. 
Unfortunately, majority of rehab centers are built and run by non medical professionals, who have no
empathy for the patients or their families. Their purpose is to extract as much money as possible from
each miserable family. Treatment is only on papers. So, keeping this objective in mind, this facility is
facilitated by kind and compassionate staff who are individually trained and surveilled by me. My major
aim is to use minimal medication during detoxification process, and once that is completed,  making the
patient learn to live without any drugs.
Contacts of patients with loved ones/ families is strongly advised to help patients pass this challenging
phase, unlike other rehabs which don’t allow any family contracts. Here we all work as team to teach our
patients feel life and happiness beyond drugs. Both patients and families are guided at each step with
At Sunrise Recovery, we treat the cunning disease of addiction using various modalities like yoga,
exercise, food, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies, peer support, family support,  stress coping
skills and trauma therapy as key components to include with traditional 12 step methods.
So at Sunrise Recovery you will find caring Addition specialist Physicians, consultant western qualified
Psychiatrists, licensed counselors, spiritual therapists and well qualified nursing staff to help our clients
overcoming addiction and healing from Psychiatric illnesses.
Please feel free to call me if you have any queries.
Medical Director,
Sunrise Recovery International Hospital 

Addiction Recovery Center: Sunrise Islamabad

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