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Will Be Inaugurate -26th June : Monday to Sunday - 10:00am to 9:00pm
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  • Serving With Professionalism & Morality!!<span></span>

    Serving With Professionalism & Morality!!

  • Carefully Designed & Innovatively Run By Doctors<span></span> <span></span>

    Carefully Designed & Innovatively Run By Doctors

  • Sunrise Group Counseling

    Sunrise Group Counseling

    By Dedicated Coach

  • Detox From Alcohol

    Detox From Alcohol

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  • Drug Free Rehab Support

    Drug Free Rehab Support

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  • Detox from Drugs!!!

    Detox from Drugs!!!

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  • Isolated Environment

    Isolated Environment

    Middle of Islamabad

  • Detox from Heroin

    Detox from Heroin

    Safe your loved one's

  • Recovery is possible

    Recovery is possible

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WELCOME, To a Life of Recovery and Wellness

There has long been felt a dire need for a genuine and pure professional treatment facility for Addiction and Psychiatric disorders in Islamabad, Pakistan. Keeping the scarcity of effective treatment centers in view, Sunrise Islamabad is established by renowned addiction specialists, physicians with an aim to serve the most devastated strata of society, to lessen their misery and to help them reenter life with new vigor and vitality. Providing all levels of addiction and psychiatric treatment, we are located in one of the posh and serene suburbs of the Islamabad. Sunrise Recovery’s mission is to provide the best quality service in the most individualized and humanely manner. The treatment is followed strictly under the guidelines of American society of addiction medicine (ASAM). The facility’s addiction specialists physicians and Psychiatrists have developed an evidenced based, intensive program that utilizes multiple therapy modalities like minimal medication usage, exercise, nutrition and providing comfortable amenities to complete this mission of lifelong recovery.


“ Sunrise International Recovery Hospital is committed to improve the life of individuals living with devastating effects of drug addiction and healing the miseries of addicts, their families and in a broader sense, reconstructing the society”


Sunrise International Recovery Hospital will be recognized and appreciated as a premier, genuine leader in providing high quality, evidence based, effective treatment to the patients of Substance Abuse and Psychiatric disorders.


Executive Director’s Message

   Executive Director’s Message Thank you so much for taking few  moments and learning a bit for our program. Read More


Medical Director’s Message

  Medical Director’s Message
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